I asked Policy Exchange who paid for their report yesterday calling "extremists". They wouldn't tell me. So I asked Shell, BP and Exxon if they did fund the think tank. They didn't deny it
Seriously, imagine if you retired from the Met amidst controversy about under-cover spying on activists, got paid dark money to write a report, and used it to say on national radio that the real threat to our democracy is peaceful eco-protesters
Policy Exchange paid an ex-police officer linked to the SpyCops scandal to write a report saying that are a “threat to democracy”, but won’t tell us who funded the report. I think we all know where the real threat to democracy lies
Great to hear the question I raised here was asked on this morning. Shame they allowed the answer to include an unchallenged untruth
I think dark money funded think tanks and police officers spying on bereaved activists are a much greater threat to democracy than non-violent protesters
., the opaquely-funded lobby group whose claims chime with the demands of billionaires and corporations, tried to hammer . But the attempt has blown up in its face: the pressure is now on Policy Exchange to reveal who funded it.