"There are no real revelations — the subjects are well known and long dead. There are no stakes; there is no suspense. I was riveted."
"Why do we represent the unknown with x? Credit René Descartes’s printer, who was running out of letters while producing copies of the treatise “La Géométrie.” X, y and z remained, and the printer settled on x, the least used letter in French."
"THE WEIL CONJECTURES arrives as a corrective, describing mathematics — its focus, abstraction, odd hunches, blazing epiphanies — as a powerful intoxicant, a door to euphoria," writes . A beautiful review of 's "beguiling" new book.
Why do we represent the unknown with x? A new book on the history, odd hunches and blazing epiphanies of mathematics is also a joint biography of a pair of history's most brilliant siblings.
Holiday reading alert! I just finished “The Weil Conjectures” by Part memoir, part bio about fascinating siblings, Simone and Andre Weil, and part musing about the mysteries of math. Can’t recommend highly enough