Do you want to learn about Designated Cancer Centers commitment to #GlobalCancerResearch? Read the 2018-19 Global Oncology Survey of NCI-Designated Cancer Centers Summary Report: #GlobalOncSurvey
JUST RELEASED: #GlobalOncSurvey of Designated Cancer Centers Summary Report, featuring collaborations w/over 100 countries on global oncology research & training projects: . ,
Check out our latest blog, Advancing Global Oncology, about the #GlobalOncSurvey summary report, a resource for collaboration with the cancer research community #GlobalOncSurvey
Thanks to our international partners for #collaboration on global oncology projects included in Designated Cancer Centers Summary Report: . [Tag: , ]
El en colaboración con publica resumen de la Encuesta de Oncología Global 2018-2019; colaboraciones con más de 100 países en proyectos globales de investigación y capacitación en oncología:
The report summarizes NCI-designated cancer centers collaborations in 110 countries around the world. Read more here