A retired nurse from North Carolina said this to , and I think it may be the perfect quote to understand Trump's base: “Everything he says is how I feel.”
Read 's dispatch from Trump's North Carolina rally, where the president's comments have just made his supporters more convinced that he's the guy they want in office
Portraits from a Trump rally: The president's base showed up in force at one of the darkest political events Donald Trump has ever held. reports
Trump is a conduit; Trumpism is something exponentially more powerful. and have a close look at attendees of the "Send Her Back" rally:
"Trump’s coarsening of political debate always leads to the same question: Did he go so far as to alienate even some of his own supporters? Did his blowing past the boundaries of acceptable discourse render him unelectable?" Read
.⁦⁩ .⁦⁩ it’s too late to worry about if #impeaching Trump will anger his base. They have already blown past angry, and are on the edge of insane lynch mobs. Do you plan to sit by & watch America implode? #ImpeachNow
In which the anti-abortion activist Randall Terry talks crazy to about Trump's comments: "It was only about the systems of government from where they’re from. These wenches. These disrespectful wenches criticize our country incessantly."
"Amid a convulsive week in American politics, at one of the darkest rallies Donald Trump has ever held, his base showed up in force to tell the president he’s done nothing wrong"
A sign many psychiatrists and neuroscientists are needed in this country