Donald Trump’s got his vision of what it means to be American, and he’s challenging the rest of us to come up with a better one, writes
My America,the exceptional country I decided in a moment of bliss to be part of.This is the best antidote to #Trump's dystopia."The real #American idea is not xenophobic, nostalgic or racist;it is pluralistic,future-oriented and universal."
"The task before us is to create the most diverse mass democracy in the history of the planet — a true universal nation. It is precisely to weave the social fissures that Trump is inclined to tear," says .
Yes. captures the stakes: we are in a battle for the very essence of America & the future we seek. I still believe those values are more widely held than it appears, but I never appreciated just how fragile it all is. #speakwhenitmatters
Wow I actually agree with ⁦⁩ for once!
Trump's vision is "radically anti-American." Read on how/why - and stand up for e pluribus unum!
Donald Trump hates the America of 2019, but he loves the America of 1950. That America isn't coming back.
⁦⁦’s⁩ national story is much closer to the Russian national story than it is toward our own. It’s an alien ideology he’s trying to plant on our soil. Trump’s vision is radically anti-American.
Trump attacks American ideals, history, and identity even as he wraps himself in the flag. via
“#Trump’s “American” is defined by 3 propositions. First, to be #American is to be xenophobic. Second, to be American is to be nostalgic. Third, a true American is white. White Protestants created this country; everybody else is here on their sufferance.”
“The real American idea is not xenophobic, nostalgic or racist; it is pluralistic, future-oriented and universal. America is exceptional precisely because it is the only nation on earth that defines itself...
"Americans have always been divided on where they came from, but united in their vision of their common future." That's just nuts.