It really irks me when prominent journalists (e.g. in the New Yorker) write stuff like "Trump has the extraordinary ability to get Americans to talk about what he wants them to talk about" without acknowledging the media's role in deciding what to cover.
Donald Trump’s racism wasn’t a mistake—it was a calculated political play, writes. This is how he intends to run for reëlection in 2020.
My new Letter from Washington is up now >>> ‘I’m Winning”: Donald Trump’s Calculated Racism | The New Yorker
From the beginning I expected the Trump administration to be dominated by incompetence, corruption, juvenilism, and buffoonery but underestimated the racism and venality.
“I’m Winning”: Donald Trump’s Calculated Racism. Republicans are not only sticking with Trump as the country’s division and discord deepens, they approve of it. by via
“I’m Winning”: Donald Trump’s Calculated Racism