Ashlee took out loans to go to college. She didn't complete her degree because balancing school and full-time work became impossible. "I'm drowning in debt for a piece of paper I never received," she says. Millions of Americans face the same issue.
It's a vicious cycle for millions of Americans who leave college with debt and without a degree: the thing that could help earn money to pay off debt is a degree. But if they're in default, they can't access federal student aid to help go back to school.
A read highlighting the importance of financial literacy education and planning for financial security
"I'm drowning in debt for a piece of paper I never received." These stories are a gut punch, but also a necessary reminder of why #highered needs to change to help students get to a degree/certificate & why we need a definition of *value*
Nobody should be "drowning," worrying about becoming homeless, because of crushing student debt in the United States of America. It is time to tax Wall Street to fund student debt cancellation and tuition-free public colleges for all.
The student loan crisis is, to a large extent, the crisis of people who took out loans, then didn't finish college
Student Loan Debt And No Degree: A Crisis For Millions Of Borrowers