Can you build a model to transcribe ancient Japanese manuscripts into modern Japanese, and help unlock a billion historical documents? 🗻 We're launching a competition to localize and recognise Kuzushiji. And there's a $15k prize pool, too 💸
Welcome to the first Kaggle Kuzushiji Recognition Challenge -Opening the door to a thousand years of Japanese culture-!! 🎉🎉 The competition finally launched! Thank you so much to and all staffs to make this happen!
Kaggle Kuzushiji Recognition Competition. Only one day before the Rule Acceptance deadline!!! Please participate. 🙏🙏🙏 Any participation you do is a great contribution to this research and also Japanese culture preservation!
. Kuzushiji Recognition competition 5th place solution. 🙏🙏 Thank you so much. I am so grateful.