How profoundly I despise the left wingers who have left it to the libertarian right to stand up for women’s rights
A Canadian man who identifies as a woman is suing 15 female beauticians because they refused to wax his testicles. It’s disgusting. The trans tyranny has gone so far that women can be branded transphobes for refusing to handle a penis, says Brendan O’Neill
Amazing how quickly “bake the cake, bigot” turned into “wax the scrotum, TERF”
Fifteen female beauticians in Canada are being sued because they refused to wax a trans-woman’s bollocks. We’ve reached peak trans-craziness, where women can now be branded ‘transphobic’ simply for refusing to touch someone’s penis, says Brendan O’Neill
"‘Should a woman be forced by law to touch a penis she doesn’t want to touch?’ – that’s a more honest way of putting it, though it’s obvious why people don’t put it like that, given it would expose the fundamental misogyny at play in this demented case"
I read a great article on this case today and the writer put it beautifully:
Every day I think I discern a new Kafkaesque height (or depth) in the Wokeness Wars, but this may be hard to top.
Just in case the Bernardo/Homolka series will not work out for , here's a visually rewarding subject for them to cover.