Here it is: “Active Measures,” the first part of THE REPORT, our new podcast documentary on the Mueller Report. All summer, we will present this audio experience of the special counsel’s findings, in a format more digestible than 448 pages of text.
It's March 2016. John Podesta, sitting at his computer, opens an email. Soon, hackers from a Russian military intelligence unit are in. So begins Episode 2 of The Report, “Hack. Dump. Divide.” Download here or wherever you get podcasts
1. Trump Tower Moscow. 3. The infamous Trump Tower Manhattan meeting about Russian “dirt” on Hillary Clinton. Both feature in this new episode of THE REPORT, Lawfare’s serial podcast about the Mueller Report. Subscribe here or wherever you get podcasts
In a gripping -like style, the Lawfare team details the Russian plot to interfere in our election and how easy it was to manipulate us. "The Report" podcast is a must listen for any citizen that care about this Country and its future.
Russian overtures to Trump’s 2016 campaign, and responses to it— It’s the new episode of THE REPORT, now available here or wherever you get your podcasts. And if you enjoy THE REPORT, please rate it and share it. We appreciate your support.
Here’s The Impeachment: Day Two, in which we’ve cut down the many hours of opening statements from the second day of President Trump’s impeachment trial so you can listen to the core substance—a fair representation of what members heard, in less time
Senators yesterday peppered the House managers and the president’s defense team with questions. Many were expected, some were surprises, and a few were quite clever. We’ve boiled it down to the most essential 108 minutes. It’s The Impeachment, Day 8
Episode 2, even better than the 1st. The telling of the Russian govt hacking to seed dissent & assist Trump, & of Trump’s quickly fulfilled public request to have Russia hack Clinton’s emails, w/a promise of being rewarded, was gripping.
. became my favorite corner of the internet in college because it turned hard national security questions into a conversation for anyone who wanted to participate. That’s what we’ve done with “The Report”—if you’re curious, have a listen
The trial ended yesterday with floor speeches and a vote on the articles. Here are highlights, along with a conversation about it all featuring , , , and . It’s The Impeachment, the Final Day
Just listened to Episode 1 of The Report by ⁦⁩ with a friend who was shocked by the extent and savviness of the Russian ops, esp impersonation of Americans - “it’s like body snatchers”
The Mueller report in podcast form with the actual news snippets for each point is the best podcast.
The more engrossing the podcast, the more I cook. Last night's Ravioli alla Burrata w/Pistachio Pesto followed by White Chocolate Ice-Cream w/Mango Sauce was produced by 's latest episode of The Report. On Russia all up in the Trump campaign...
The Report, Episode 10
“Mueller ephemera” -⁦