Have you ever witnessed a man rip the head off a boar with his bare hands? I haven’t myselfβ€”but I did speak with about the origins and outcomes of Applied Postmodernism
"The election of Donald Trump was the best confirmation for postmodern social theory that possibly could have happened." – THIS INTERVIEW IS SO. GOOD.
10.) & myself cover the same beatβ€”β€œβ€β€œroughly speaking”””—and while it might seem at times we’re beating a dead horse, it could also be argued that horse is actually undeadβ€”and thus our persistence is justified
James gave me a great interview at the beginning of summer: A Postmodern Postmortem | with James Lindsay
Great discussion of post modernism, identity politics and social justice by and . Lots to come away with and think about
Maybe at approximately 46 minutes I get into it.