How Armstrong's “giant leap for mankind” helped perpetuate inequality—on Earth and beyond.
“Is Spaceflight Colonialism?” We have a winner of the “Worst Article about Apollo 11” competition. Bravo ⁦⁦⁩ !
For #Apollo50 , my take on the postcolonial history of spaceflight & its law . Below is the leading image I'd 1st proposed. I've included it here to foreground the actors most important to this critical account.
Is Spaceflight Colonialism?
Is Spaceflight Colonialism?
I’ve gotta say, I’ve really enjoyed Wokeness In Space week.
I was reluctant to give this absurd take more clickbait than what it desperately seeks. Then I realized it's an exemplar of the woke stupidity we see too often. We should hold a mirror up to its ugliness so we can confront its stupidity and move past it.
There are many articles that trigger outrage merely based on a poorly-chosen headline, and then there are truly bad articles based on spectacularly poor arguments. This one from The Nation contributor is clearly in the latter category. >