A new red scare is reshaping Washington
The widening DC animus to China is fertile ground for an anti-China group co-founded by Steve Bannon & Frank Gaffney. The China issue is becoming a magnet for ethnonationalists. Gaffney has stoked paranoia over Muslims in the US. By .
Use of the term Red Scare is ridiculous. The Chinese Communist Party regularly discusses its plans to destroy the Western liberal order.
The CCP is a dangerous political entity, similar to Nazi Germany in the mid-1930s. Using the language of social justice like ‘Red Scare’ in this vein is covering for actual fascism.
A long-defunct Cold War group has come back to life to warn of the dangers of China.
Don't miss this great piece on the new red scare gripping Washington -- and starring Steve Bannon.
Climate Change Denier Frank Gaffney finds another outlet for his nonsense - via
Lawmakers are finally, reluctantly confronting many of the problems that China poses. Democrats, of course, will do this in a far more intelligent and effective way than Republicans. I wouldn't call it a "Red Scare", though. It's not about communism.
A perfect metaphor for American conservatism: a neocon lobbying group from the 1970s started by hawkish Democrats and former Democrats (the Committee for the Present Danger) has been revived by a racist leader of the far right. via
But, like, really. Here per it’s just the exact same grift ginned up over and over again by the same grifters.
Between the NYT’s “ACKSHUALLY the USSR won the important space race (for diversity)” and this piece on China, it’s like Walter Duranty never died and went to Hell.
NYT frames China critics as a new Red Scare. But US outsourced much of its industrial base to China, Hollywood and other firms dying to get into China, and we give them all but pass on human rights. What Red Scare?
Updated version of a piece from 2012 about how Romney's Russia concerns were a Cold War throwback
Contrast: the amount of US suspicion & investigation into Chinese students simply studying science in the US, versus the freedom given to US multinationals who are in actual research partnerships with Chinese military institutions
A New Red Scare Is Reshaping Washington
if this is not mimetic desire at play, unfolding w/a crescendo towards conflict, then what is? well written see the mimetic desire logic applied in fintech (Chinese vs US fintech/finserv narratives competing & influencing one another) /1
Whipping up fear and resentment about China, Steve Bannon is fast becoming Eugene McCarthy. When "McCarthyism" became "McCarthy-wasm", its founder died, disgraced and bankrupt. Just sayin.
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A New Red Scare Is Reshaping Washington - The New York Times
Such a pity that Steve Bannon is back at work undermining the US. via