It seems barely credible that a 19-year-old who “decided in January” to “look into the impartiality of the civil service” can land the Kim Darroch story 6 months later, while also working for a pro-Brexit party since April. Doesn’t add up
I've been investigating the civil service for months. Tonight I can reveal I am the journalist behind the Washington Cables.
So to summarise, he worked for Banks' Westmonster site and Tice's Brexit party, but the leak was nothing to do with Brexit. He's an ambitious 19-year-old journalist who leaves his byline off the biggest piece of his life.
This doesn't make sense. The claim here is the leak came from *one* cable being read aloud in a restaurant. But the same story admits *many* cables were published. The original article spoke of a "cache". Were they all read out in a restaurant? Long meal?
Interesting that the “journalist” who leaked Sir Kim Darroch’s memos, Steven Edginton, works as a digital strategist for the Brexit Party.
This is disingenuous nonsense. Diplomats are not meant to be impartial about the competence of foreign governments - their reports would be useless if they were
Well this all feels very familiar. Ambitious young man carries can for actions of experienced political operatives. I v much hope his ‘mentor’ & employer got him independent legal advice before he put his name to this. Because this story is a mess
The plot thickens.....but the idea that a 19 year old cub reporter was primarily responsible for the Darroch leak defies belief. After all, this involved a trove of diplomatic cables not a snatched telephone conversation about Ambo views on Trump!
Things no journalist ever says: “Given the possible controversy, we decided to leave my name out of it.”
How you know this is a load of horseshit: No one in the history of journalism (unless you work for my employer) has ever said, "We developed the story together... given the possible controversy, we decided to leave my name out of it."
A civil servant apparently ‘read out’ the Darroch cables to Oakeshott researcher ⁦⁩ 1. How did Tice know their markings? 2. How did Edginton verify? 3. How did a civil servant get on restricted list of 10? 4. Why contact Edginton?
Steven Edginton is not a journalist - he’s HEAD OF DIGITAL at the Brexit Party.
This story doesn't add up. claims his source merely "read out" the letter from Kim Darroch, and he then decided to contact , but she previously admitted in a tweet that she had "seen or handled the cables".
Steven Edginton, 19-year-old journalist behind the Sir Kim Darroch scoop, claims he's impartial yet he formerly worked for , and and currently runs social media feeds for 🤔
I’m sorry. I just don’t buy this. This account begs far more questions than it answers
So as suspected, the Brexit Party - of which Richard Tice, Isabel Oakeshott's boyfriend, is a key figure - was closely linked to the illegal leaking of British state secrets