"..PDQeX DNA purification ... with the MinION and MinIT mobile sequencing devices... The entire process, from arrival on farm to diagnosis including sample collection, processing and provisional sequencing results was complete in under 4 hours.."
Shout out to the "collaborator" who told us we could never do this: enjoy! 30 people strong from 6 countries did what you thought was impossible. #sequencing4farmers
Our Tree lab paper is now live! A true team effort. 30 coauthors from 6 countries! 3 hrs vs. 6 months to diagnose sick cassava. Real-time, real world results & solutions for farmers. We did what everyone told us we couldn’t do 🚀 #sequencing4farmers
This was the day 3 years ago we had a Skype with ‘collaborators’ in the UK and they bet us we would never get devices to work in east Africa. FYI - #sequencing4farmers #staydefiant
I did this yesterday. I talked about using tech to help farmers. Our preprint is out too - . It was a big day. I feel dazed and happy! #sequencing4farmers photo credit :
To learn more about 's groundbreaking work known as Tree Lab, check out this new paper published just today
Tomorrow the TED talk goes down. 9.05 am. So excited to share our #sequencing4farmers work with everyone! Our preprint on the work I’ll present is here - Team- I’m gonna do my best to make you proud. #TEDSummit
I love this photo (taken by TED/Ryan Lash). It’s our device and hands and that photo was taken by . #sequencing4farmers
Next it’s , talking about Tree Lab: a new computational biology project to do early detection of plant disease in Sub-Saharan Africa #TEDSummit2019 #biology #compbio