“The dilemmas of sex and gender and the tensions between autonomy and jealousy, adventure and commitment, identity and attraction, were especially vivid to young women of the 1920s,” writes
In 's new #book, #MargaretMead is the magnetic center of attention, as she was in life. #AmazonInfluencer #FranzBoas #anthropology #race #sex #gender
My updated website with my review of Charles King's excellent Gods of the Upper Air - Margaret Mead, paradoxes of sexuality and the past and future of anthropology (plus the evil effects of planes on romance)
Oh my, some rather revealing revelations in this book! review essay is an important read if you're interested in the nature of human nature, culture, & especially sex.
"The old distinctions between biology and culture, nature and nurture, just don’t work. Today, it’s clear that culture is our nature, and the ability to change is our most important innate trait."
Can’t wait to read the latest book by ⁦⁩ prof & ⁦⁩ chair ⁦⁩ already getting great reviews. Congratulations! What is more important today than understanding culture?