“Senator Josh Hawley—a graduate of Stanford and Yale and a former instructor at an English private school—warned the attendees gathered in the ballroom of the Ritz-Carlton in downtown Washington, D.C., about the threat of élite cosmopolitanism"
When you, on the other hand, want to govern a country filled with people you definitely don't despise.
These people get angriest when you state their beliefs plainly and don’t play the game of letting them lie about what they say and think out of some sense of decorum they demand but never adhere to
. gets exactly what's going on at the "National Conservatism Conference"
Really smart piece from on so-called “national conservatism”
American conservatives are going all the way into 'blood and soil' and along the way - wouldn't you know it? - they use anti-semitic, islamophobic and transphobic dog-whistles.
Excellent piece -- and fantastic lede -- on conservative nationalism from
“The tension between desiring a strong common national identity and respecting the integrity and independence of particular communities and families is resolved...by the belief that the nation ought to be uniformly composed of the same kinds of people.”
Conservative Nationalism Is Trumpism for Intellectuals | ⁦
I just love it: quotes the on the National Conservatism Conference: "There's a lot of incoherence in this conference." Like a troop of blindfolded children squeezing parts of an elephant: "There's a lot of incoherence here."
This from gets at a central tension: the very things that the new "nationalist conservatives" say they want are only liked to be addressed though higher—not lower—levels of immigration:
.: "Donald Trump, for all the invective he’s levelled at nonwhite immigrants ... and for all his comments on shithole countries, has never made this case quite so straightforwardly [as Amy Wax]."