Tore down a $100M business to build for the long term. We've been anxious to tell this story. Congrats and thank you and the team 👊
Sequoia Capital led a $150 million investment in local services provider Thumbtack
Thumbtack announces it raised $150M in funding led by existing investor Sequoia Capital, valuing the company at $1.7B ( / Wall Street Journal)
Thumbtack's latest funding round values the business at $1.7 billion
So many startup founders pretend that everything is always up and to the right. Appreciated that was honest about Thumbtack’s struggles
8/ And this last week, after two years of grinding, we get to share that Thumbtack's new model is working so well that Sequoia just made one of their largest investments ever
Thumbtack’s made the decision to change its business model two years ago. Proved to be much harder than he thought with declining revenue, customer churn and employee departures. Now Sequoia made a $125m bet on their next chapter