Why are people so angry at elites? This morning's mind-bending story about Bob Geldof, aid to Africa, private-equity profiteering, and tax avoidance might help explain.
A new tax haven leak, this time from Mauritius, to . 's article has some great detail from interviews with African tax officials emphasising the problems created by their treaties.
After Bono, Shakira and so many others, Bob Geldof joins the club of superrich, tax-avoiding do-gooders. What part of 'JUST PAY YOUR TAXES' don't these people understand? #MauritiusLeaks
Based on 200,000 files, #MauritiusLeaks exposes a sophisticated system that diverts tax revenue from poor nations back to the coffers of Western corporations and African oligarchs.
We spoke with 20+ tax officials from around the world, including Uganda, South Africa, and India who told us that tax deals like the ones their countries had signed with Mauritius are lopsided and unfair. #MauritiusLeaks
Treasure Island: Leak Reveals How Mauritius Siphons Tax From Poor Nations to Benefit Elites
And here's what we revealed in #MauritiusLeaks
The #MauritiusLeaks (200,000 files) reveal a system that diverts #tax revenue from poor nations back to the coffers of multinational corporations & the wealthy. Our Senior Fellow is quoted in this story by . Read it here: 👉
Latest news: #MauritiusLeaks reveal Africa is losing crucial tax revenues to tax haven of Mauritius, cheating some of the world’s poorest countries out of the vital tax revenues for health & education #taxjustice
Treasure Island: Leak Reveals How #Mauritius Siphons #Tax From Poor Nations to Benefit Elites via
In between Brexit/cabinet reshuffle, the Mauritius Leaks seem to have gone unnoticed. African countries missing out on tax revenue due to elites' tax avoidance!