. believes in second chances, which is why his newly released criminal justice plan sets a goal of ensuring 100% of formerly incarcerated individuals have housing. Read the full plan at
We currently have insufficient data to eliminate racial & ethnic biases in our criminal justice system. As president, I’ll urge states to add info regarding ethnicity to their data collection to understand how groups—like Latinx—interact with the system.
Enjoyed #PMJOY but incorrect information was relayed by one of your guests re Biden’s criminal justice plan. It in fact does call for the end of marijuana criminalization as well as the expungement of records & calls for the end of cash bail.
Watch as our very own breaks down ’s newly released plan to reform the criminal justice system. To view the full plan, visit
1. I’ve finally had a chance to read through Joe Biden’s criminal justice reform plan (here: ), and… it’s somewhat underwhelming. There are some good pieces that deserve attention, but the rest falls into common traps ppl really need to start avoiding.
Joe Biden has a proposal to incentivize states to end policies that jail people for failing to pay fines and fees
I believe in redemption. As president, I’ll ensure that those who were formerly incarcerated have the opportunity to fully reintegrate into society, earn a good living, and participate in our democracy as our fellow citizens. Read my full plan here:
Today I released my plan to reform our criminal justice system. Equality, equity, justice—these ideas form the American creed. We have never lived up to it and we haven’t always gotten it right, but we’ve never stopped trying. Learn more about my plan at
Too many people are incarcerated in the US – and many don’t have resources to successfully rejoin society after serving their time. That’s why I’m releasing my plan to reduce our prison population, create a more just society, & make our communities safer.
We are tearing communities apart through mass incarceration. That's why the Biden administration would reform the criminal justice system by: ✅ Reducing our prison population ✅ Eliminating racial disparities ✅ Making our communities safer Learn more
Joe Biden has the boldest, most comprehensive criminal justice reform proposal in this election. Read the full plan here: #DemDebate
My plan will counter the rise in hate crimes & reinvigorate community-oriented policing in order to root out persistent crime and hold violent offenders accountable. Read our plan at .
We must reform our juvenile justice system to give children a second chance to live up to their potential. My plan will invest in juvenile justice programs, protect juvenile records, & end the use of detention as punishment for status offenses. Our plan:
I believe in redemption. Formerly incarcerated individuals deserve the opportunity to be productive members of society. I’ll expand access to mental health & substance use treatment, education, job training, and housing. Read our plan:
As President, I will provide states with funds to shift from incarceration to prevention, including addressing factors correlated with incarceration like illiteracy and child abuse. Read our plan:
Certain life experiences are strongly correlated with an increased likelihood of future incarceration - abuse, illiteracy, experience in foster care. I’ll invest in our children to address underlying factors driving incarceration. Read our plan at
"Decriminalize the use of cannabis and automatically expunge all prior cannabis use convictions."
Now would be a good time for to update his vision for police reform: - $300 million to hire more police officers - "establish a panel to scrutinize what equipment is used by law enforcement"