As a teacher I feel like I want to see this link posted all over twitter: This is who @10DowningStreet is protecting. He has done severe damage based on eugenic beliefs to our education system, and it should be a part of the current narrative. #edutwitter
Having read Michael Gove’s short and virulently Islamophobic Celsius 7/7, and written on his time as education minister, it’s obvious The Bell Curve has had a fair amount of influence on his thinking. It’s dangerous, racist rubbish.
Remember when Gove said who your parents are is more important than how hard you work? Look at his policy in education. Now think about what he will plan in his judicial review.
As far back as 2013 Dominic Cummings was claiming that genetics outweighed teaching and that 70% of a child's performance was genetically derived. This information is out there people.
That this man is in number 10 is terrifying
Anger grows at Cummings adviser’s ‘dead kid’ quote Except when you realise Cummings himself has said much the same 🤷‍♂️
Indeed! Short version (from 2013): Long version (250pp): Though I reckon Huxley got there first...
In case Vote Leave hadn't convinced you that Cummings is an ignorant and arrogant turd, here he is saying that teachers are rubbish and how well children do is down to genetics. 😡🤦‍♀️