In my latest piece, I took another dive into California’s drinking water system. What I found was really troubling. As I reported on one struggling water district I realized the problem was far, far more widespread than most people realize. THREAD
People in California say putrid water has caused them unexplained stomach pains and skin so itchy it had scarred from the scratching. One in 3 community water systems in the state may be at high risk of failing to deliver potable water.
" #California may be at high risk of failing to deliver potable water — one out of every three — according to a previously undisclosed estimate by senior officials at the California State Water Resources Control Board, which regulates drinking water."
I have seen it in Ohio, in South Carolina, in Michigan, and even in my home state of California. How can we claim to be the greatest nation on earth if our citizens cannot safely drink from their taps?
The Crisis Lurking in Californians’ Taps: How 1,000 Water Systems May Be at Risk