Instead of framing climate action in terms of *future* targets and deadlines, why not recognize that it's happening *now*? Climate change is here, today. And every ton of greenhouse gases we emit makes things worse. Every ton we avoid helps. Period.
‘Every ton of greenhouse gases we don’t emit is a good thing. Every ton we do emit causes more harm.’ That means any and every #ClimateActionNow you can take is worth it- start NOW! Drawing Lines in the Climate Sand by
Our ED writes, "I think discussing climate targets and deadlines is useful. But I worry about us taking these targets and deadlines too literally sometimes, and miss the larger point."
If you have energy for *one* climate article today, this one is it. does a great job of breaking down the importance of action without reaching for fear or panic tactics, but still pushes us for action ASAP. 🙌🏼
Sensible words and useful frame of reference for the debate by : "We should work to stop all greenhouse gas emissions as quickly, safely, and equitably as possible. Period"
Thanks ⁦⁩! Now at a little more than 1C global warming since 1880, we are already experiencing significant #climate chaos. Time for #climateactionnow for dramatic #emissions reductions & #ecosystem restoration to sustain life.
#ThursdayMotivation: Great perspective from : Targets are needed, but so is #climateaction, because "an even more important point — that climate change is here now and is causing damage to our world today."
In climate change, we sometimes like to debate targets -- 1.5 or 2.0 degrees? -- and deadlines -- 18 months? 12 years? by 2050? But we need to remember the larger point: We need to reduce emissions to zero as quickly as possible. Delay equals damage.
If this was the general argument about being careful of deadlines, I'd see little to disagree with - Drawing Lines in the Climate Sand by