2020 Ohio General Election Matchup: Biden 50 Trump 42 Harris 44 Trump 44 Buttigieg 44 Trump 44 Trump 46 Sanders 45 Trump 46 Warren 45 Trump 44 Booker 43 Quinnipiac poll
These Ohio numbers remind us that while the Electoral College has a considerable pro-Trump bias right now he’s just really unpopular and needs to improve a few points for the map to matter.
The exits put Trump approval in Ohio at 53/46. The GOP won the US House vote and the governorship. And polls generally underestimated the GOP there in '16 and '18. So it is hard for me to just take this poll at face value-Trump at 43/52--and run with it
#JoeBiden is only leading Dem to top #PresidentTrump in Ohio, Poll finds; Former V.P. has big lead in Democratic primary #2020Election
Biden’s electability case still holding. In new Ohio , Biden beats Trump by 8. Everyone else tied or behind by 1.
The Ohio Q-poll gets to the problem with Sanders's electability message. "Who has a better general election message" is hard to pin down. When the question is "who is ahead of Trump in early polls," it's Biden. Sanders runs even w Warren et al vs Trump.
Quinnipiac’s Ohio poll is objectively the worst for… Tim Ryan, the sole Ohio candidate, pulling just 1 percent here. Nothing to cut against the expectation that he’ll drop the presidential bid by autumn. (He has to file again for the House in December.)