Everyone: go get your check from Equifax! $125 is a nice chunk of change. Get that money and pay off a bill, sock it away, take a day off, treat yourself, whatever you’d like - but cash 👏🏿 that 👏🏽 check! 👏🏻 💸 It takes one minute. Do it here 💸:
Gotta say not very cash money of Equifax to expose my data in their breach, but it is indeed very cash money for them to now owe me $125 as part of their $575 million settlement with the FTC. Check here to see if Equifax owes *you* a $125 check:
Make Equifax pay: Claim your settlement amount ($125+ minimum if affected) Breach was announced Sep 7th 2017. You probably spent a lot of time remediating your credit that month, right? Get paid for that time.
Seems like pretty much everyone is affected by Equifax data breach. In about 90 seconds, you can verify here & choose either $125 cash or 4 yrs of free credit monitoring from all 3 credit bureaus as part of the settlement. This is legit. Pls RT.
I never asked or authorized #Equifax to compile my personal data. Yet my information was compromised in the #EquifaxDataBreach they knew about & failed to rectify or disclose for MONTHS. If they were an academic, IRB would shut them down. Get YOUR $125.
If you live in the US and have any sort of credit, you are entitled to $125 from Equifax for their data breach. It takes about 30 seconds to fill out the form. DO IT!