My very wonky, impressive hot take is that the people who predicted this for years will not receive credit for that, and the people who very confidently predicted otherwise will not revise or second-guess the epistemic practices that allowed them to do so.
After Muellermania: my postmortem (or, how to lose friends and alienate people, out of shared concern with our national plight). Please retweet if you disagree!
Smart analysis. “The Mueller Fantasy Comes Crashing Down” ⁦
"The Mueller Fantasy Comes Crashing Down" -- essential read on the crisis of American democracy & the way forward
The brilliant lays out what has been a gut feeling many of us have had for some time. Democratic reliance on the Mueller report to solve all their problems was “we have an app for that thinking.”
Samuel Moyn on "how tenaciously many liberals and progressives are clinging to fantasy" about deliverance through "legal machination rather than political vision."
Great op-ed by my colleague . Time for Democrats to focus on winning elections. The Mueller Fantasy Comes Crashing Down
The Mueller Fantasy Comes Crashing Down
Excellent op-ed about the hype -- of Trump's crimes, of Mueller's powers, of the prospect of institutionalist self-correction -- and now, the letdown.
Professor writes in the about the impact of Robert Mueller’s congressional testimony last week.
Read insightful ⁦⁩ call for political engagement rather than legal maneuvering “the deepest fantasy around the Mueller the belief that it could save the trouble of crafting a winning majority.” via
I finally had a chance to read this, agree with its elegant formulation of the basic message, DT will only go down through the electoral system. The Mueller Fantasy Comes Crashing Down
I wonder if anyone read this
Excellent from : The Mueller Fantasy Comes Crashing Down
Cold water on Muellermania by .
Here is my colleague ⁦⁩ latest piece. Sam is a bit more sanguine than I am about the miracle of US democracy, but there is a lot here to agree with
The impeachment fantasy comes crashing down-mix and serve
In July published "The Mueller Fantasy Comes Crashing Down," Monday-morning-quarterbacking the pre-impeachment moment after three years with little to show and lots to do. Thanks . 6/