New: I talked to Marianne Williamson about her comments on mental health and antidepressants.
Check out this extraordinary back-and-forth between NYT politics reporter ⁦⁦⁩ & Marianne Williamson. Maggie uses facts & data to press Williamson on her views about anti-depressants, suicide & mental health care. via ⁦
‘I Should Be More Careful With Twitter’: Marianne Williamson on Those Mental Health Comments . "First of all, let’s talk about all the times someone is told they’re clinically depressed by their gynecologist." By their gynecologist?
Read this. seems pretty sensible to me here, despite one possibly careless tweet (Twitter’s limitations being the issue here): via
Marianne Williamson in trouble for speaking truth about psychiatry.
Intelligent candidate Williamson speaks words that are true, and words that are misconstrued, learning that twitter is a hellscape devoid of nuance where you can have effects you do not intend
I am inclined to look down my nose at Williamson because she pushed the completely nutty A Course in Miracles. But this interview is thoughtful, and her recent book Tears to Triumph is well worth reading (esp. alongside Trauma and Grace by Serene Jones)