My article on #FreeWill is out. For & . Philosophers, this is your chance to pwn me.
Warning: This has nothing to do with politics (except in the tenuous sense that it's on the long list of subjects I think Sam Harris is wrong about) but just wrote an article about my ongoing exchange with Jon Rosen on free will & determinism
Hey, , I wrote an article about your correspondence on with Jon Rosen about free will.
The #Libet experiments have failed to replicate but I am still a non-believer in #FreeWill. Inspired by Jon Rosen & ’ exchange on .
The essay is now out.
The philosophers telling me I'm stupid because of my views on #FreeWill, I'm actually happy to hear your feedback on this article. I'm a lay person & I'm interested in your objections. Have at it, , , , .
The article is out
The article is out
“You don’t believe in free will? Wut?!” A little background. #FreeWill For .
I’ve written about this, in response to & . For
The #Libet experiments have failed to replicate. Many philosophers are arguing that means that we have #FreeWill. I still disagree. See end for link to ' response to me. cc
There's been a huge range of topics covered on Letter. Every week, I'm writing about a different subject tackled by correspondents in an column. Here, on free will, for example. ( & Jon Rosen)