As his latest foray into bigotry shows, the president is feeling empowered by the lack of opposition from within the GOP. On Trump, Cummings, Baltimore and racism.
Earlier this year, Mark Meadows thanked his friend Elijah Cummings for defending him against accusations of racism. President Trump spent the weekend attacking Cummings — and slagging him as a racist — and Meadows is nowhere to be found.
. makes an excellent point. Why hasn't defended his best friend ? This is dangerous polarization: where people in the in-group won't speak of genuine friendships with the out-group for fear of criticism.
“If I had poverty in my district like they have in Baltimore,” Mulvaney said, “I’d get fired.” (Mulvaney’s old South Carolina district does have poverty rates like Baltimore’s – as do many of the rural, red state districts that Trump avoids criticizing).