A few days ago I had the strange pleasure of being interviewed by the guy who taught me the reporting business as an intern 22 years ago - the great . We discussed why a spy story from 1948 helps explain the political moment of 2019
Too many leftist American Jews are willing to put Israeli Jews at risk, b/c buses will not be blown up here: "The terrible years of suicide bombings during the Second Intifada [are] ... deep in the Israeli psyche"
Amazing piece by ⁦⁩ “Jews were always part of the Middle East. Every Arab city had a Jewish quarter. Jews didn’t come here in 1948. They were here.”
Yet again, the brilliant
“The right successfully taps into fears — rational fears, too often belittled by the left — of what this region does to the weak. It also understands the importance of traditional Judaism even to those who don’t call themselves religious or Orthodox.”
“They imagined Israel being Vienna. And it’s much closer to Alexandria.” Nah. I’ve been to today’s Alexandria, and Tel Aviv is on another planet.