I recently wrote about the deeply worrying deterioration in research culture and the personal toll this takes: Yesterday, committed to reversing that trend. Fill out our survey to help us #ReimagineResearch:
That Nature article just mentioned: #vitae19
"The current system predominantly rewards ‘excellence’ based on what a researcher produces, while under-emphasising how the research was produced." Why researchers pay the cost of research, and how is working to change that.
'Researchers pay the cost of research' - good to see Wellcome is considering not *just* considering research output (often referred to as researcher 'excellence') when evaluating researchers.
This is something we need to be talking about so much more. PhDs/PDs/ECRs should not be struggling with the levels of anxiety/depression created by this status obsessed field. #whyileftacademia #mentalhealth #MentalHealthMatters