Dilbert creator Scott Adams is trying to profit from the Gilroy shooting by selling interviews with witnesses.
My favorite part about Scott Adams's baffling start-up is that it's based on a near-worthless cryptocurrency. Shortly before he launched it, all the characters in Dilbert started talking about how great cryptocurrencies are. What a coincidence!
Dilbert comic strip creator Scott Adams attempted to make some money off the Garlic Festival shooting by trying to sell interviews with survivors
‘Dilbert’ Creator Scott Adams Tries to Sell Interviews With Gilroy Garlic Festival Shooting Survivors
‘Dilbert’ Creator Tries to Sell Interviews From Mass Shooting via
Still looking for the bottom. Can’t tell you many time a Trump supporter has implored me to read Adams’ wise analysis and sound judgment.
The Dilbert guy is at it again
DISGUSTING ‘Dilbert’ Creator Tries to Sell Interviews From Gilroy Mass Shooting via