.'s campaign announces he has hit the 130,000 donor threshold for the fall debates, leaving him just one DNC-approved poll from qualifying. His campaign has spent close to $3 million on Facebook ads alone asking people to donate since his launch
NEW: The DNC just sent a memo to all the campaigns saying the polling timeline for the Oct debate is June 28 through 2 weeks before the Oct debate. No exact date given for the 4th debate yet, but this means if someone qualifed for Sept they're in Oct too
. announces she has hit the donor threshold for the September debate. Gabbard needs 2 percent in three more qualified polls by August 28 to make the debate stage. Eight others have already qualified, and two more are close
This makes Booker the seventh candidate to qualify for September. The other six are , , , , and
Debate ramifications: picks up her second poll for the November debate and gets her first. Candidates need four polls at or above 3 percent by Nov. 13 (and 165,000 donors)