By pure serendipity, PNAS published an article last week directly relevant to the Amy Wax controversy. On a series of train platforms across Germany, unwitting bystanders watched as one actor (the enforcer) chastised another for littering.
Parochialism, social norms, & discrimination against immigrants Very cool large-scale field intervention study reveals that cultural integration via shared social norms mitigates- but doesn't eliminate - bias against immigrants with religious differences!
Religious differences may be the biggest constraints on cultural integration, according to a new study, which examined immigration discrimination and cultural integration. In PNAS:
Happy to share that our paper "Parochialism, social norms, and discrimination against immigrants", coauthored with and Nicholas Sambanis , is available online at .
"As long as public debates and policies heighten the importance of religious differences, cultural integration will not be able to eliminate intergroup conflict." New study finds "a shared understanding of civic behavior can form the basis of cooperation."
Parochialism, social norms, and discrimination against immigrants