Big news just out on the bipartisan FIRE Act: New finds *87% of Americans* support requiring campaigns to report attempted foreign assistance to the FBI.
Incredible white, non-white and gender splits: Overall: 51/45 Trump is racist Whites: 46/50 Blacks: 80/11 Hispanics: 55/44 Men: 41/55 (-14) Women: 59/36 (+23) 37-pt gender gap!!!
#PresidentTrump is racist, half of U.S. voters say, Poll finds; but voters say almost 2-1 don't impeach President
New Quinnipiac Poll: by 51-45%, American voters believe President Trump is a racist. Whites by 46-50% say he's racist Blacks: 80-11% Hispanics: 55-44% Reps: 8-91% Dems: 86-9% Inds: 56-38% The 18-point Indy margin is notable (see above in thread)
A new poll found that 80% of black voters believe Trump is racist: Confronted with this polling, Trump blamed fake news for misinforming them.