"Looking at the first quarter of each year, Hang found that the number of 'engaged minutes' visitors spent with climate stories in 2019—in other words, the minutes people spent reading—had almost doubled from the time spent in previous years." via
“This is going to affect almost every aspect of human life. I really consider it the beat of the future.” Al Ortiz, . Reporters: The public wants to know more about climate change. We can help you tell those stories. #climatematters
Data from climate articles in roughly 1,300 media websites between January 2017 and June 2019 shows that the minutes people spent reading the articles has almost doubled from the time spent in previous years
One reason for local TV meteorologists to cover climate change as a local story: better ratings.
"The jump in interest has been noticed at the , where, over the past year, the average climate story has outperformed average stories in other news sections, in terms of total audience, subscriber audience, & conversions from reader to subscriber."
Difficult issue explored: no one likes news about climate change. "A palpable ratings killer" h/t
Boffo reporting by in : "Audiences are (finally) paying more attention to climate stories." News outlets should step up to deliver personally relevant content to their audiences. #CoveringClimateNow