Insurers and pharma are easier villains, but Dems are gonna have to grapple with the costs driven by hospitals and even physicians at some point smart piece
A really smart point here: health care providers have thus far escaped much scrutiny in the Dems’ Medicare-for-all debate
There is a fundamental dishonesty in the Democrats discussion about Medicare for All. When they move beyond demagoguery and into a discussion of what drives healthcare spending you will know this is something more than crass politics and deception.
Why Won’t US Blame US Hospitals? Democratic presidential candidates paint insurers as the health-care bogeymen, letting providers off the hook. via
Americans tend to make insurance companies the villain in the stories they tell about health care, but hospitals are as big a culprit, if not bigger.
1/ Ridiculous argument by . "doctors and hospitals at least appear to do stuff in exchange for their fees, while health insurers can more easily be written off as pure middlemen.