"Watching Prince Harry beginning to play the game of identifying ‘unconscious bias’ is like gazing at a hapless amateur juggling with loaded pistols" -
“Meghan and Harry are playing a dangerous game” - this article from ⁦⁩ will be attacked by people who don’t read it, but it is very, very good
'Meghan and Harry are playing a dangerous game'
Lovely humorous article about Meghan and Harry's 'unconscious biases' in here
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Meghan and Harry are playing with fire. And it won't be long before they get burned. |
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Harry and Meghan shouldn't raise the subject of 'unearned privilege' |
"There are some biases that people are happy to highlight and politicise, and others thought best to skip over" | on the Duke and Duchess of woke
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"After ‘unconscious bias’, in this pseudo-intellectual game of our time, comes the whole concept of ‘privilege’ and the earning or un-earning thereof" –