Yet another bastion of science puts the interests of Big Oil before those of scientific integrity: UK scoffs at concerns its sponsorship deals legitimise fossil fuel industry by rattling off, erm *checks notes*, industry talking points. 1/n
Director of the told the , 'Even if the museum were lavishly publicly funded I would still want to have sponsorship from oil companies'. This unequivocal endorsement of those that have fuelled the #climatecrisis is deeply concerning...
The Director of the AND the Director of the have both defended the #climate crashing business plans of their oil sponsors. Our museums should be drawing a red line on fossil fuel funding NOT backing the polluters!
How can a director ignore the science? He's chosen to back his Big Oil sponsors - companies investing billions in drilling for NEW oil and gas - over those that are demanding #ClimateJustice. 👎
Whoah. The director just threw shade at for declaring a #ClimateEmergency, while defending his oily sponsors , and ! Is he following the same ‘science’ as the rest of us??? 🤔
THREAD | Last week, Director of the Ian Blatchford said companies such as 'have the capital, geography, people and logistics to be major players in finding solutions to #climatechange'. But is he right? 1/6