Arron Banks cannot win. Journalists cannot be bullied. We must & will fight back. I’m launching this today because we urgently need more journalism not less. The fight back starts here 👊👊👊
£200,702 raised from 7,553 donations in less than a week. I’m not sure most people or even most journalists realise full chilling implications of what Arron Banks is trying to do. So this support is v cheering & v meaningful. THANK YOU 🙏 #TheGreatHack
There have been so many dark & difficult days reporting this story but some profoundly uplifting things have happened this week. #TheGreatHack is trending on Netflix worldwide. And this has raised £150k in a single day. They are rich. But we are many 👊
Arron Banks is not suing me for the articles we wrote on his Russian meetings, or the Observer. Only Carole. Because she has been the leading light investigating the dark arts and dark money in the Leave campaigns. So support her fund for more journalists
Dear Twitter, there’s no point being outraged by this. That’s the plan. What we need is more investigation & to hold him to account. And we can’t if he’s trying to shut down the press. Don’t fall into his trap. And don’t let him get away with it
The British legal system is rigged against investigative journalism. The wealthy use our courts neuter stories that have been published without hindrance in the US or France or Italy. The work ⁦⁩ has done is of huge public benefit
"Aaron Banks is such a colossal ballbag" "Enough is enough" & 10,318 other reasons why people have donated to the at a staggering £276k. THANK YOU. Genuinely moved & gobsmacked. And very much hoping Banks reads the comments...
Please donate to campaigning journalist in her fight for Democracy! She is fighting a malicious legal action from Brexiter Aaron Banks.
Some of the views expressed on here recently have been incredibly depressing. So as I sign off on a short Twitter break, I implore the good silent majority to 1. Watch #TheGreatHack , 2. Read How To Be Right, 3. Donate to
Check it out! I donated to 'Democracy: The Fight Back' - via
GO FUND ME: grassroots fundraising. If Carole Cadwalladr wins her suit the money will recycle for The Great Hack film outreach/and/or a fund to protect journalists. . This is tax deductible
Support the incredible journalist if you can. The country’s most crucial journalist is having formal proceedings filed against her by Arron Banks, in an effort to silence her from speaking out on the dark intricacies of Brexit.
Just donated to 's to raise money to fight the action Arron Banks has brought against her - please consider doing the same. This really matters
Democracy: The Fight Back