The new campus mores at American universities are meant to make students safe. What they really do is get in the way of the muscular exchange of honest views in the service of seeking truth, writes .
I am also a professor . Unlike Anthony Kronman, I am a Hispanic professor. I came this morning to work on a manuscript, but woke up to news of a mass shooting targeted to Hispanics in El Paso, and this OpEd by . I have so much to say
Make no mistake. The real purpose of Diversity, Inclusivity and Equity is an all-out war on even the concept of excellence
Why does every successive capitulation by universities to the shibboleths of diversity and inclusion not have the desired effect of mollifying campus radicals? My Saturday column in explains
Lots of people justifiably criticizing Bret Stephens' latest iteration of his "woke kids these days" columnizing. As they point out, the notion that Yale or other elite institutions are representative of all higher ed is ridiculous.
Apparently, at Yale, faculty and admin are “almost universally left-wing.” 91% of Yale faculty who donated to a candidate in the Dem Primary of 2016 donated to Clinton. I guess Clinton is that edgy leftist extremist...
A top-notch column by , which includes this startling, true line: "Unlike the campus rebels of the ’60s, today’s student activists don’t want *more* freedom to act, speak, and think as they please. Usually they want less."
This is no doubt going to be a very controversial book from Prof Kronman, but it's interesting that both and () covered this in today's papers
Here’s our man Bret appearing to argue for more ‘freedom’ on campus...
Stephens⁩: Every capitulation by US universities to the shibboleths of diversity and inclusion hasn’t had the desired effect of mollifying campus radicals. Instead, it has generated new grievances while debasing the quality of intellectual engagement.
. is clever. Instead of the obvious red-baiting of the in DC, he sets his sights on as the locus of a "cultural revolution" (yes, that cultural revolution, it wasn't an accident that Mao appears in the heart of the piece). 1/
Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-Excellence
‘Today’s students are the beneficiaries of a system put in place by professors & administrators whose political views are almost uniformly left-wing & whose campus policies indulge nearly every progressive orthodoxy’...and they’ve never been more miserable
You’ll love this one by . It’s practically perfect.
Interesting claim that the campus wars aren't really about 'inclusivity' at all. They're more a revolt of the mediocre against the intellectual elites.
Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-Excellence: A former dean of the Yale Law School sounds a warning. Would an untenured professor have the guts to say what he does? The answer to the question underscores the urgency of his warning.
Isn't the point not to be safe but to be whole? And doesn't that mean we have to get comfortable being uncomfortable to figure out how we will live together as a diverse world? How do we build muscles to hold opposing thoughts without rejecting either?
The media often gives the impression that the American working class has gone crazy. Great that even the New York Times is realising that maybe it’s partly rather the young, liberal, intellectual elite which has completely lost the plot
“What’s happening on campuses today isn’t a reaction to Trump or some alleged systemic injustice, at least not really. Fundamentally . . . it’s a reaction against this...
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Read on "the revolt of the mediocre many against the excellent few.”