This is the most insightful commentary I have read tonight on the horrific massacre in El Paso: “The El Paso Shooting and the Gamification of Terror” - bellingcat
The El Paso shooting is the third 8chan shooting, and an example of the gamification of terrorism. My latest article
"It is foolish, bordering on suicidal, to attribute attacks like [El Paso and Gilroy] to “lone wolves”. Both shooters were radicalized in an ecosystem of right-wing terror that deliberately seeks to inspire such massacres."
We've just published the newest piece from , who wrote on the El Paso shooter and the sadly predictable role of 8chan in yet another white supremacist rampage in America.
This is an outstanding piece by about the concept of "high scores" on 8chan, where white nationalist terror has been gamified by lonely white men seeking identity and acclaim, using the only vocabulary and success metric they know.
This is an important, but tough, read from to understand a trend in mass shootings: "The act of massacring innocents has been gamified.”
“Until law enforcement, and the media, treat these shooters as part of a terrorist movement no less organized, or deadly, than ISIS or Al Qaeda, the violence will continue.”
The El Paso Shooting and the Gamification of Terror via
The shooter was the third this year to post details on 8chan ahead of his attack. Used the same "white people being replaced" language. It's the exact same fucking story stop acting like it's not a pattern.
Reading through documents posted online by the Halle shooter, including images of weapons used that match those in the live-streamed video. It includes an achievements list, which really drives home the point made about the gamification of terror
"1) 8chan’s /pol board continues to deliberately radicalize mass shooters. 2) The act of massacring innocents has been gamified."
Important read especially for any doubters that we face a terroristic threat from white nationalists and their online radicalization. via
Very interesting (and depressing) read.
The Christchurch shooter live streamed his killing spree to make it look like a first person shooter. People on 8chan talk about wanting to beat the "high score" of other mass shooters. Read this
This is (at least?) the third mass shooting this year that the shooters announced beforehand on 8chan.
The same tools that brought us amazing breakthroughs also enable the most toxic communities and the gamification of killing.
As usual, has the missing context