Trump had a rally in Ohio Thursday & wanted to be able to tell farmers he had convinced China to buy agricultural exports. When Lighthizer and Mnuchin told him the talks w/China hadn’t yielded the results he wanted, Trump told his team: “Tariffs.”
President Trump overruled advisers to ramp up tariffs on China after a heated exchange in which he insisted levies were the best way to make Beijing comply with U.S. demands
Trump ordered new tariffs after his advisers returned from Shanghai mostly empty handed
Trump ordered new Chinese tariffs over objections of advisers
He sold himself to voters as a master dealmaker. Instead he's delivering farm decimation, escalating import taxes, and endless trade war. via
"So how did the talks go? Can I give the Great Patriot Farmers good news?" "Not well, Mr President. The tariffs aren't making them cave, and talks are actually getting worse." "Well, obviously, we need more tariffs." "Ok let's draft the tweet"
This story explains how advisor Peter Navarro helped Donald Trump came up with the last 10% China Tariff increases last week - delivered via tweet - against the objections of all other advisers.