In less than 24 hours, 2 mass shootings in the U.S. have left at least 29 people dead. The killings are the latest in a particularly brutal week for gun violence in America. We’ll be following the latest from El Paso and Ohio. This is what we know now.
The El Paso police chief said “it’s beginning to look more solidly” like the suspect authored an anti-immigrant manifesto posted minutes before the shooting. Federal officials are considering bringing federal hate crime charges against the accused gunman.
First El Paso, and now Dayton. The second mass shooting in less than 24 hours, with at least 29 dead. My heart breaks for these communities, the families, and our country. If we can't pass common sense gun safety legislation now, then when? #EnoughIsEnough
I mostly try to stick to economics on twitter, but need to say this: all you conservatives out there who have turned a blind eye to Trump’s racism and demonization of immigrants, you have contributed to the culture that has led to this attack. 1/2
“The injuries that we saw here were very significant injuries,” Dr. Flaherty said Sunday at a news conference. “Major amounts of tissue injury happened yesterday.”
Chart from NYT. Would be interesting to see going back more years. In any event, focus on white nationalism, while important, misses full scope of problem.
Live Updates: Shootings in El Paso and Ohio Leave at Least 29 Dead - The New York Times