Seven people shot overnight near a playground in Chicago. Yet another mass shooting in a horrific 24 hour window.
Sending love to Chicago, where another seven human beings were shot. You are in our hearts. And together, we will end this crisis.
Seven Wounded In Shooting Near Playground in Chicago’s Douglas Park
El Paso, Dayton, and 7 people shot near a playground in Chicago last night. We do not have to live like this. We must remember ALL victims of gun violence, not just the ones that capture the national attention.
7 Wounded In Shooting Near Playground in Douglas Park via
If a ‘’mass shooting’ is one where 4 or more people are shot then how many mass shootings are there in Chicago in a year?
THIRD mass shooting in 24 hours. This one near my home in Chicago.... 7 shot.
7 people wounded in a shooting Sunday morning in Douglas Park on Chicago's West Side.
A third active shooting happened in Chicago this weekend, too. Remember: the line between who survives and who dies is razor-thin.