The El Paso Walmart wasn't just any store. It was one of the busiest Walmarts in the USA. A favorite for Mexican shoppers The store that bridged cultures is now the site of one of the deadliest anti-Latino attacks in U.S. history Our story
Where most big-box stores of its kind average 14,000 customers a week, the El Paso Walmart, a retail analyst said, saw 65,000.
It’s a community straddling two countries, and the Walmart was a hub where everyone shopped. The shooting there has left this community hurt, shaken but also defiant.
Walmart Store Connected Cultures, Until a Killer ‘Came Here for Us’ - The New York Times
When you hear about border cities these days it's easy to get an apocalyptic image in your mind. But this is the thing about El Paso: it's one the most tolerant places on earth. It's people 100s or 1000s of miles away who think of it in apocalyptic terms.