"Isaacson’s opinions are a combination of the insightful & the extraordinarily callous—which provides a reminder that even people holding extreme positions can offer valuable perspectives" writes of his exchange with
My piece on & @ VulgarEconomics’ exchange on fascism & Antifa on my favourite platform: . Please don’t tag Mike.
Meanwhile, my article on fascism is out
The article is out
. wrote a pretty good review of my ongoing conversation with
It's very important we understand fascist thought because—look around you!—it continues to be influential globally & that leads only to ignorance, injustice & suffering. My article for in association with .
I will have to listen but, if true, this is silly of him. The white supremacist terrorism is a close parallel to Islamist terrorism (Hindu nationalism is another lookalike). Meanwhile, I've been receiving dispiriting pushback for my views on fascism. :(
That particular letter exchange (which does touch on Antifa and political violence) inspired Iona Italia to critique our conversation and add her thoughts. I was very impressed with her analysis.
And Iona Italia reinforces those ideas very skillfully here.
Excessive wokery keeps people away from the Left (& the polls) but it's NOT responsible for fascism—a perennial, ancient danger. I've written about fascism here, inspired by correspondence between & .
You make a lot of good points, but, actually, I think white nationalism is ideologically motivated too. And I don't think it's a particularly 'thin' ideology. It's basically fascism. I write about this here (this was written pre-shootings).
Someone just told me "you support violence and totalitarianism," because of my article. What on earth? I am writing about fascism to denounce it. Strongly. I despair of humankind's reading comprehension sometimes.
Great article from Iona Italia summarizing our interactions to date.
The article is out