"Isaacson’s opinions are a combination of the insightful & the extraordinarily callous—which provides a reminder that even people holding extreme positions can offer valuable perspectives" writes of his exchange with
Excessive wokery keeps people away from the Left (& the polls) but it's NOT responsible for fascism—a perennial, ancient danger. I've written about fascism here, inspired by correspondence between & .
My piece on & @ VulgarEconomics’ exchange on fascism & Antifa on my favourite platform: . Please don’t tag Mike.
Meanwhile, my article on fascism is out
The article is out
It's very important we understand fascist thought because—look around you!—it continues to be influential globally & that leads only to ignorance, injustice & suffering. My article for in association with .
. wrote a pretty good review of my ongoing conversation with
To correct a common misconception: yes, many fascists are economically left-wing (fascism is not linked to a specific economic stance). But fascism is nevertheless a quite specific ideology. I characterise it in detail here
People are arguing that the term “fascism” is meaningless & defining it so broadly that they can handwave away contemporary iterations (like the RSS). No. It’s a specific, perennial ideology that hijacks some of our deepest instincts.
I will have to listen but, if true, this is silly of him. The white supremacist terrorism is a close parallel to Islamist terrorism (Hindu nationalism is another lookalike). Meanwhile, I've been receiving dispiriting pushback for my views on fascism. :(
And, as always, here is 's excellent summary on our conversation, as well as some of her own opinions on this topic.
You can read Iona Italia's analysis of our conversation here.
And Iona Italia reinforces those ideas very skillfully here.
You make a lot of good points, but, actually, I think white nationalism is ideologically motivated too. And I don't think it's a particularly 'thin' ideology. It's basically fascism. I write about this here (this was written pre-shootings).
That particular letter exchange (which does touch on Antifa and political violence) inspired Iona Italia to critique our conversation and add her thoughts. I was very impressed with her analysis.
Someone just told me "you support violence and totalitarianism," because of my article. What on earth? I am writing about fascism to denounce it. Strongly. I despair of humankind's reading comprehension sometimes.
White (& Hindu) ID politics are forms of fascism. Fascism hijacks some of our deepest instincts. That's why it's so powerful & insidious & a perennial danger. My article on this for , via .
I'm going to stop arguing with y'all, because, frankly, we're all on the same side here & I don't want us to start attacking each other. I empathise with everything said. I'll leave this here, as a further two cents. And good morning!
The article is out
If you'd like a more extensive definition, here. To me, Bolsonaro definitely fits this bill (though imperfectly: no real-life person is ever the perfect incarnation of an idea).
Reupping this, given the situation in India. Thanks to & for having this important conversation on 💌. For . #Fascism
Fascism is a perennial idea that hijacks some of our deepest instincts.
I've written about this.
Great article from Iona Italia summarizing our interactions to date.
Fascism will not go away. It is a Hydra-headed monster which just keeps mutating. It hijacks some of our most deep-seated intuitions. The fight is ongoing. (This is what the mass demonstrations in India are about!) My take