Want to know how badly Tulsi Gabbard's hit on Harris (over her prosecutorial record) stung? Harris polling at just ONE percent among black voters nationally, in new Q poll. Was in double-digits before.
New NATIONAL poll (counts for the fall debates) Biden 32% Warren 21% Sanders 14% Harris 7% Buttigieg 5% O'Rourke 2% Booker 2% Everyone else is at or below 1 percent
.⁦⁩ jumps thanks to ⁦⁩ post-debate dip, taking back some of the liberals and college+ women Harris cut into after Miami. But Biden still leads thanks to support from black Dems, mods and older + non-college voters
#ElizabethWarren Up, #KamalaHarris Down, But #JoeBiden Leads Among U.S. Dems, Poll Finds; 14 Dems Have Less Than 1 Percent #2020Election
Harris and Booker combining for 1% of black voters in the new Quinnipiac poll is an eye-popper (likely outlier, but still)
White college-ed Dems: Warren 28, Biden 25, Sanders 11. White non-col Dems: Biden 38, Warren 26, Sanders 9. Black Dems: Biden 47, Sanders 16, Warren 8.
With caveat that national polls are pretty useless in presidential races, looks like Warren is gaining ground, per Quinnipiac. Biden slips a little from July 29, 34 -> 32 Warren 15 ->21 Sanders 11 ->14 Harris 12 ->7 Pete B 6 ->5 Beto holds at 2 Booker at 2
Wow. This poll shows Harris with only ONE PERCENT of Black Democrats. If true, that's absolutely devastating.
"Biden gets 47 percent of black Democrats, with 16 percent for Sanders, 8 percent for Warren and 1 percent for Harris"