YaleE360: Florida, with an estimated $76 billion in costs, is the U.S. state with the largest exposure to rising sea levels, followed by Louisiana, North Carolina, and Virginia. Who will foot the bill? A feature by jimmor12
U.S. coastal cities face billions of dollars in costs for the infrastructure projects needed to protect against rising seas and worsening storms. From Boston to Miami, officials are only beginning to grasp the enormous expense of what will be required.
By 2040, building sea walls for U.S. coastal cities with more than 25,000 residents will require at least $42 billion. Expand that to include communities under 25,000 people and the cost skyrockets to $400 billion.
Protection against rising seas in Jacksonville would cost $3,990 per capita, while in New York the cost would be $231 per capita, according to a recent report. Outside cities, the price per person jumps to as high as $154,747 in Dare County, NC.
Adapting to rising seas cost big money. The polluters pays principle makes it clear that big oil should foot the $400 billion bill
We're only beginning to grasp the expense of what's required to combat rising seas & worsening storms to protect millions of people & trillions of dollars of property in coastal cities — conservative estimates run into the hundreds of billions of dollars.
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