Currently, 45% of the U.S. public has a favorable opinion of the Republican Party, while 52% view the GOP unfavorably. Opinions about the Democratic Party are the same (45% favorable, 52% unfavorable).
Republicans are now more open to the idea of expanding presidential power
Serious jump in Republican support for the idea of expanding presidential power in new survey. Still, 66% of overall public says "it would be too risky to give U.S. presidents more power to deal with many of the country's problems."
Almost half of Republicans (43%) endorsing giving more power to the President instead of Congress and the courts - compares to 29% for Dems under Obama
This Week in Situational Ethics: Republicans Now Are More Open to the Idea of Expanding Presidential Power - (a 3x increase since '16)
In just 17 months, "conservatives" went from 70%-26% opposed to expanding presidential power (allowing the president to bypass "Congress or the courts”) to 52%-41% in favor. Most self-identified "conservatives" aren't conservative. They're authoritarian.